About the Framework

AbbCode is a software development framework with a unique code standard with in mind achieving high productivity and enabling technologies to developer with no need for specific experience and skills.
AbbCode framework is built on top abbCode code library which is an ASP.Net library encapsulates chunks of code to achieve specific tasks which are used commonly in server side to build any web site and application whatever the project is small-size, medium-size or enterprise project.
Every task specialized chunk of code is abbreviated in a simple function and used simply by only calling this function with the parameters which met user desired criteria. The functions are written in a plain and clear way in simple English to be self-demonstrated and achieve high readability.
abbCode is a smart development tool since the functions tasks are configured by using only the supplied parameters which determine how function behaves to achieve the task with specified parameters achieving targeted output accurately. In a simple words abbCode functions is a dynamic function adapt itself to fulfill task whatever the process environment is by only changing the parameters which completely control the function by adapting, configuring, reshaping and totally determine desired output to meet the developer criteria an achieve the targeted task so the user have completely control over abbCode function by only configuring its parameters. abbCode is a fully object-oriented library built based on and on top of .Net and ASP.Net frameworks using c# programming languages.

abbCode is compatible and built to use with ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server database. Description from ITIDA registration documents "abbCode is an ASP.Net library which encapsulates a chunk of .net code to achieve specific tasks which are used in server side. Each chunk of code is abbreviated in a function to be called by the end user."

AbbCode framework is an ongoing project always expanding including all available and future technologies with in mind its major target of a seamless code productive standard and enabling technologies.