AbbCode in AMECSE 2016 Conference

AbbCode First contribution and first world impression in 2nd Africa and Middle East conference in software engineering with a poster papers and first introductory presentation about the framework to the industry professionals and academicians. ...... 0 Comments |

Main algorithms behind AbbCode project presented in its first published paper

An overview of the first published paper which describes a new methodology for architecting software using a AbbCode in a way that make development processes easier, increase productivity and reducing bugs and potential errors avoiding overheads. ...... 0 Comments |

AbbCode Coding Standards

An overview of coding conventions and standards with AbbCode framework and how it is simple, clear and more readable. ...... 0 Comments |

From a library to framework

A comparison study in a brief between the software library and framework in general in terms of terms and key differences between them and how AbbCode stands and a new ultimate powerful framework with the ease and usability of library. ...... 0 Comments |
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